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Take advantage of the pre-paid Blizzard Gift Card to conveniently add 100 USD to your own or your friend’s account balance. Acquired funds can be used to purchase a variety of digital goods on the Blizzard’s platform, including World of Warcraft mounts and additional Hearthstone Adventures.

Perfect Idea for a Gift

Blizzard Digital Card makes a great idea for a gift for any fan of Blizzard’s productions. Let your friend choose himself how to best spend 100 USD worth of money. You can also fund your own account, as the purchased code can be redeemed on any account in the specified region.

Purchase Blizzard Games and Expansion Packs

Redeem the gift code and use the funds to instantly pay for new games and additional downloadable content. Start your adventure in Diablo 3, join other players in Overwatch or get the latest expansion for World of Warcraft. You are free to decide how to spend your money – get the most worth for your Gift Card.

Use Funds to Pay for Microtransactions and Services

Acquired funds can be also used to pay for microtransactions in a variety of Blizzard’s titles. You may use them to extend your World of Warcraft subscription, purchase additional card packs for Hearthstone, or obtain additional commanders and announcers for Starcraft II, to name just a few possible options. Enhance your gaming experience in the titles you enjoy the most.





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